Meet Guardonix

USB3.0 Accelerator, Stabilizer, and Writeblocker

A feature-rich writeblocker which enables Windows applications to work with damaged/unstable storage devices, substantially accelerates flash storage acquisitions, and helps with triage by performing keyword searches in real time during imaging.



Enables forensic acquisition of USB storage devices by blocking all write commands to preserve data integrity.

Helps prevent Windows from freezing, crashing, and/or dropping USB storage devices due to bad sectors or other read instability issues.

Works bus powered with all storage devices except the most power hungry HDDs.

Allows connecting the source drive to an unpowered USB port, reducing the risk of damage from short circuits and electrostatic shock.

Professional Edition

Accelerates acquisition speed of SSDs and other fast flash storage devices by an average of 30%, compared to a direct, writeblocker-free connection to USB3.0.

Enforces read timeout by hardware resets, dramatically speeding up bad sector processing, which allows imaging highly degraded HDDs/SSDs.

Allows searching for specific keywords within the data going through the device in real time, and in most cases without reducing imaging speed.

Advanced logging capabilities, ATA password & WD Smartware unlocking, access to HPA & DCO hidden data areas, graphical speed display, USB-SCSI error reporting, complete sector-level status information, and much more.

USB protocol requires the PC and storage device to be in constant synchronization with one another. If the storage device fails to respond quickly enough, or responds irregularly due to bad sectors or other read instability issues then it may lose its current state and become desynchronized with the PC. The only option for Windows to regain access to the device is to reinitialize the whole connection, which means re-mounting the USB device in the system, thereby interrupting any data acquisition procedures which are currently in progress.

Guardonix hardware stands between the PC and the storage device, making sure that the connection to the PC is always well-maintained, regardless of what’s happening with the storage device. This way even if the storage device becomes desynchronized, only it’s connection to Guardonix hardware will be reinitialized, which will not have any impact on the PC, allowing data acquisition to proceed without interruption. Guardonix hardware even allows for the storage device to be entirely disconnected, during which time the PC will simply wait until it’s reconnected before seamlessly continuing with data acquisition.

About our company

Guardonix is the latest release from DeepSpar, a Canadian manufacturer of professional data recovery equipment since 2004. Guardonix takes advantage of key functionality which was previously only offered by professional data recovery tools to help visualize, track, and control the data acquisition process.